Planting an Interior Spring Garden to Feed My Soul


It might take a little more time before our abundant snows melt and we see spring bulbs, so I decided to plant an interior spring garden as a reminder that spring can bloom inside no matter what the weather is outside.


Since all my nice large containers are buried in snow right now, I needed to evict my cat Milo from his winter sleeping place. Yes, he curls up in one of my antique Victorian urns for winter naps…naturally in a sunny spot.

I dream about the sun myself — those warm, sun-filled days to come, and the flowers that will be revealed…


(Witch hazel already in bloom. This shrub blooms from early March through April. It really should be in everyone’s garden.)


(Hellebore flower bud just unfurling in my shade garden.)


That revelation will begin soon. Our treasured flowers and shrubs will emerge from the snow—the “poor man’s fertilizer” that insulates and carries beneficial minerals into our gardens—hopefully no worse for the wear of this long winter.


But for now, Milo and I both must be content with an indoor spring, the Narcissus blooming by the window, and a new season just a week away.

2 thoughts on “Planting an Interior Spring Garden to Feed My Soul

  1. Beautiful spring urn in a lovely setting! My witch hazel is in bloom and the snow is melting, revealing my hellebore buds; gifts you gave me so many years ago. 🙂

  2. Witch hazel is late this year, but given our cold winter I don’t think we can be surprised
    so I am thinking this will be a glorious spring with lots of slow, unfolding of color
    Hope to stop by soon

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