Divide and Conquer

September and early October are the best times to divide most perennials — these are clumps of overgrown Japanese iris that have declined in their flowering. Watch what happens…


Start by digging out the bulky clump.


A tarp is helpful to use as you are working.


Divide each clump into halves and then divide those halves into fourths – keep dividing until you have smaller divisions that are about 3-4″ wide.


This original overgrown clump created 16 new iris plants that will produce a much healthier plant and beautiful flowers next June.


When planting any new perennial, dig a hole about twice the size of the plant — add organic fertilizers to the bottom of the planting hole.


Replant each division into a larger hole that has been amended with fertilizer and topped off with generous amounts of good garden compost.


Top dress the entire area around the planting hole with compost and then water well.


Water each new division well–Japanese iris demand  rich, moist acid soil — remember to divide you perennials every 3-4 years to get them healthy and thriving and they will reward you with wonderful flowers throughout the growing season.

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