Consider an Early Spring Bulb Garden

It’s not too late to plant a delightful, early spring bulb garden for 2021. Rather than hesitate, select your bulbs now and head out to your garden.

Fall planted bulbs need to be exposed to cold temperature for several weeks to produce glorious blooms early next spring. All spring blooming bulbs need to go through a process called vernalization.

Vernalization is the induction of a plant’s flowering process by exposure to the prolonged cold of winter — this is especially true for those who live in the Northeast. Usually a minimum of 8-12 weeks of temperatures below 40 degrees is needed to set flowers that will burst forth in late winter.

This year has been a time to become more engaged in our gardens — being outdoors has provided a therapeutic and sustaining reprieve to the confines of our at-home work schedules. Adding an early spring bulb garden will only enhance that experience and will continue to feed your soul and make your garden very exciting next Spring!

Here are some early spring bulbs to consider:

  • winter aconite—eranthis hyemalis
  • the glory of the snow-chionodoxa
  • snowdrops—galanthus
  • rock garden iris—iris reticulata
  • grecian windflower—anemone blanda
  • striped squill-puschkinia
  • dwarf daffodils planted with grape hyacinths-muscari
  • species tulips—small great tucked into walkways and around existing shrub borders
  • fragrant hyacinths—hyacinthus orientalis
  • camassia—a totally underused Native American bulb, easy to grow and will multiply every year

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