Hydrangeas — The Flower of Tranformations

In most parts of New England, this has been a glorious year for hydrangea shrubs and it’s about time! The past two years has been inhospitable to these shrubs with excessively cold temperatures for long periods causing the tender buds to be killed. In the very early spring of 2016, it looked promising but unfortunatelyContinue reading “Hydrangeas — The Flower of Tranformations”

Early Spring Bloomers No Garden Should Be Without

Since the winter has been so mild we are now seeing lots of early blooming shrubs along with all the tiny early spring bulbs emerging through sodden soil and snow. As the days lengthen, the sun warms the soil allowing buds to swell and unfurl opening several weeks earlier this year. These shrubs along withContinue reading “Early Spring Bloomers No Garden Should Be Without”

House Plants Bring the Garden Inside

When it is cold and grey outside, house plants can truly enliven your home bringing the essence of the garden inside.   For the most part, we are home-dwellers in the Winter. For that reason, it is important to use house plants to infuse our interiors with vitality and fresh energy. House plants inject aContinue reading “House Plants Bring the Garden Inside”

Evergreens in the Winter Garden

In Winter, when the landscape looks barren and devoid of life, evergreens really come alive, adding dramatic scale and balance. When most of the shrubs and perennials have wilted under mounds of snow, the elegance and majesty of evergreens add depth, volume and structure to the garden–providing the stability and bones to our otherwise emptyContinue reading “Evergreens in the Winter Garden”

Trees in the Winter Landscape

The Winter landscape is a time of reprieve. Devoid of the finery of leaves, trees reveal their raw beauty. Arching limbs flow with the prevailing winds, while always reaching upward into an ever-changing sky. The overall landscape seems to flatten out and look barren especially under a fresh coating of snow. This pared-down landscape lendsContinue reading “Trees in the Winter Landscape”

Vibrant Japanese Maples

Japanese maples really come into full brilliance in late Autumn. As wonderful as they are during the spring and summer in terms of shapes and forms, with the transition of cooler weather in the Fall the leaves take a new and vibrant coloration that continues for many weeks. As the green chlorophyll in the leavesContinue reading “Vibrant Japanese Maples”

The Brilliance of Berries

Now that most of our flowers have finished and the leaves are falling in abundance, brilliant color can still abound with many different fall shrubs that produce wonderful colorful berries. The palette of these colors are almost endless, from dazzling reds, fiery oranges, gand lowing ambers to steel blues and astonishing purples. These amazing shrubsContinue reading “The Brilliance of Berries”

With September on the Horizon

Late summer is always a lull for gardeners–the heat and humidity makes it difficult to work outside, the enthusiasm of spring and summer has waned, and most of our gardening efforts are put into just keeping everything watered and alive. But take heart, September is on the horizon with cooler temperatures and more consistent rainfall.Continue reading “With September on the Horizon”