Finding the Genius of the Place

Gardens need a unifying theme—a central ideas that anchors the house with the surrounding landscape. A good garden design needs to reflect the personality and enhance the needs of the family in the overall design. The inherent beauty of an unplanted site can be daunting but with sensitivity and intuition an overall correct design senseContinue reading “Finding the Genius of the Place”

Spring Insights

Tough and resilient the Iris reticulata pushes its way through early spring snow — delicate and orchid-like. Viola ‘Tiger Eye’ — beautifully paired with spring bulbs. Dwarf daffodils and sky blue scilla complement each other as one of the first combination to bloom. A pink magnolia stellata unfurls its flowers under a fresh dusting of lateContinue reading “Spring Insights”

Early Spring Thoughts in the Garden

Start by enriching your soil now. Topdress around the crowns of perennials and shrubs with rich compost. Your plants will explode with growth this spring and will require less water this summer. Plant more spring ephemerals–they will enhance and compliment your early spring borders–going dormant and unobtrusive as late spring perennials start to emerge. EarlyContinue reading “Early Spring Thoughts in the Garden”

Late Winter Bloomers

Is it late winter or early spring? It’s hard to know given the recent flurry of warm, sunny days followed by a string of days that are cold and gloomy. But even with the unsettled flux of weather, an explosion of color and fragrance simmers beneath the ground. As the days lengthen, the sun warmsContinue reading “Late Winter Bloomers”

Garden Renovations in the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to renovate your perennial garden. Maybe your May and June garden looked luscious and exuberant, the peonies, iris and roses abounded, and rain was consistent. But in late summer, now, perennials start to look frayed and frazzled. Rain is unpredictable, and the overall luster and vitality of that earlier gardenContinue reading “Garden Renovations in the Fall”

Artist in the Garden: Maggie Dean

“Another lovely day in your garden. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I am attaching the photo my student took of me painting yesterday afternoon, along with several paintings started there. Many thanks for your open invitation.” — Maggie Dean, Painter

Walk This Way

“No single element in the design of a garden is as important as where you put your paths.” — Hugh Johnson Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at one very important passageway leading to your front door. Yes, it’s your walkway. While the journey from driveway to front door may notContinue reading “Walk This Way”

Make It Tulips!

Tulips are truly a breath of fresh air — like taking in the fragrance of sheets off the clothesline. For early spring color and sheer garden abundance, nothing beats a bed of willowy tulips in full bloom. A undulating sea of tulips will certainly lift your spirits after any lingering grey of winter. Generally, tulipContinue reading “Make It Tulips!”

Readying Roses for Spring

April is a great time to prune roses. Start by removing the dead and diseased canes. Since this was a severe winter, there may be a lot of winter damage on roses. All the more reason to prune out the dead stems to stimulate strong growth. Cut rose bushes down about 50% — this willContinue reading “Readying Roses for Spring”

Getting Ready for Spring!

When the first warm days of this long awaited spring arrive, it will be pure joy to go outside and work in our gardens! With the continuous snow melt and warmer temperatures it will be important to check the status of your plants — gradually uncover the winter debris to reveal emerging growth. The abundant mounds ofContinue reading “Getting Ready for Spring!”