The Serendipity of Spring Bulbs

  I never feel a perennial garden is complete without the addition of spring bulbs. The wonderful serendipitous quality of bulbs make the early spring garden truly come alive — a vivid reminder that we can bid adieu to the long cold and grey of winter. Whether you are just a beginner or a moreContinue reading “The Serendipity of Spring Bulbs”

Vibrant Japanese Maples

Japanese maples really come into full brilliance in late Autumn. As wonderful as they are during the spring and summer in terms of shapes and forms, with the transition of cooler weather in the Fall the leaves take a new and vibrant coloration that continues for many weeks. As the green chlorophyll in the leavesContinue reading “Vibrant Japanese Maples”

The Brilliance of Berries

Now that most of our flowers have finished and the leaves are falling in abundance, brilliant color can still abound with many different fall shrubs that produce wonderful colorful berries. The palette of these colors are almost endless, from dazzling reds, fiery oranges, gand lowing ambers to steel blues and astonishing purples. These amazing shrubsContinue reading “The Brilliance of Berries”

August Bloomers

Even though it’s hot and humid, there are a lot of wonderful colors that can make your garden come alive even in these dog days of summer! Now, colors are vivid, strong and resilient to  the intensity of the heat of this summer. Infuse your garden with some of these wonderful perennials — plant inContinue reading “August Bloomers”

Walk This Way

“No single element in the design of a garden is as important as where you put your paths.” — Hugh Johnson Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at one very important passageway leading to your front door. Yes, it’s your walkway. While the journey from driveway to front door may notContinue reading “Walk This Way”

Make It Tulips!

Tulips are truly a breath of fresh air — like taking in the fragrance of sheets off the clothesline. For early spring color and sheer garden abundance, nothing beats a bed of willowy tulips in full bloom. A undulating sea of tulips will certainly lift your spirits after any lingering grey of winter. Generally, tulipContinue reading “Make It Tulips!”

Readying Roses for Spring

April is a great time to prune roses. Start by removing the dead and diseased canes. Since this was a severe winter, there may be a lot of winter damage on roses. All the more reason to prune out the dead stems to stimulate strong growth. Cut rose bushes down about 50% — this willContinue reading “Readying Roses for Spring”

Sure Signs of Spring

Savor the shadows of spring. Welcome her first blooms (tommy crocus). See sunshine in everything (yellow amur adonis). These sure signs of spring mean it’s time to start thinking about your gardens. Spring maintenance plans, enhanced gardening beds, new flowers and shrubs, adding pathways and patios. It’s time to imagine the possibilities!