Bold and Bright Drought Tolerant Plants for Late Summer

August weather can be a challenge—it’s too hot, humid—and rain is not dependable. Needless to say, who wants to drag a hose around everyday sometimes morning and evenings too. So don’t despair, I am including some perennials that can stand up to some pretty difficult conditions and still make your garden seem alive and thriving. Late Summer perennials have bold and intense colorings that will provide a nice infusion of energy into your garden. (Click on the photos below for more details.)

August Bloomers

Even though it’s hot and humid, there are a lot of wonderful colors that can make your garden come alive even in these dog days of summer! Now, colors are vivid, strong and resilient to  the intensity of the heat of this summer. Infuse your garden with some of these wonderful perennials — plant in the cool of the mornings when it is easier to be outside — that will establish quickly and bring new color and texture  to carry the garden into early Fall.