Developing a personal garden style takes time and commitment — studying different garden styles with an understanding of what will ultimately work for your particular site is critical to creating a landscape that will fulfill all your needs.

For the most part, the family requirements should come first. Perhaps creating an outdoor entertainment area that can provide family dining as well as entertainment may be the first priority. A clear, safe area of lawn for the children’s play area may be an important goal. Defining the property line with trees and shrubs will start to enclose and delineate the property lines. Screening unsightly areas as well as enhancing pleasant views are vital considerations. By initially focusing on both the opportunities and challenges of your site, a viable plan will start to emerge. All the effort put into developing an appropriate plan for your particular landscape will produce a home landscape you can be really proud of.

Planning Your Own Garden
It is important when creating your home landscape that you plan your garden as an entire composition. Although the overall areas of your landscape may seem disparate, it is key that all the potential elements of the garden from walkways, patios, flower and shrub borders, fencing and lighting be cohesively linked together to create a harmonious and inviting outdoor space. The garden scheme should also blend and anchor your house to the overall site.

Key Things to Remember

  • Let the indigenous site inspire you — the garden should reflect your local surroundings
  • Create a garden that will reflect your personal style Don’t compromise your ultimate goals with quick fixes
  • Once planted, give the garden time to grow and mature Accept mistakes and learn from them
  • Get inspiration for visiting other gardens taking the time to study and learn along the way


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