Trellises, Gates and Fences

Defining the Garden Room

trellises-003Garden structures define outdoor spaces — they give a framework, backdrop, and most importantly enclosure. By providing organization in the garden, fences allows screening of unsightly areas and allow support for growing plants. Backdrop of a fence enhances the overall structure and form of shrubs and perennials.

Gates are the portal to garden spaces — they create a transition from one area of the garden to another. They increase the illusion of more space as well as lending a sense of mystery and mystique

trellises-002Trellises add wonderful vertical interest to the garden. It is the perfect way to weave architecture to the garden Roses, clematis, honeysuckle & sweet peas are the traditional plants to use on a trellis

A low cedar fence frames these perennial gardens and creates an inviting entrance to the small patio within.

A stately brick wall surrounds this period garden from the 1920s— roses and clematis soften the edges.

An elegant pergola offer shade and a wonderful area to sit under—it is a perfect focal point linking house to the garden.


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