Spring Bulbs: A Quick How-To

Make it simple – combine tulips, dwarf daffodils and alliums for a 3 month display of color this spring. To create an interesting color scheme, mark off different areas with spray chalk prior to planting bulbs. Be generous with bulb planting – stingy planting won’t give you the show your garden deserves. Pretreat tulilps withContinue reading “Spring Bulbs: A Quick How-To”

Bold and Bright Drought Tolerant Plants for Late Summer

August weather can be a challenge—it’s too hot, humid—and rain is not dependable. Needless to say, who wants to drag a hose around everyday sometimes morning and evenings too. So don’t despair, I am including some perennials that can stand up to some pretty difficult conditions and still make your garden seem alive and thriving.Continue reading “Bold and Bright Drought Tolerant Plants for Late Summer”