Are you ready for some spring color?!?

This winter has certainly tried even the most patient of us–mounds and mounds of snow, grey days, and deep relentless cold. Take heart, some meteorologists are predicting a milder start to spring this year–ok maybe it’s not all based on science, but I am going to hang on to this an early, warm spring withContinue reading “Are you ready for some spring color?!?”

A Concert of Summer Perennials

Stand-alone perennials can be pleasing to look at, but to make a garden sing, it’s the interplay of colors, textures and forms that create grand crescendos! Perennial combinations create visual symphonies, and the pure serendipity can seem wonderful, especially when plants entwine and the colors vibrate and echo each other. But, it takes real planningContinue reading “A Concert of Summer Perennials”

Help for Your Gardens During This Heat Wave

This really hot week has really taken a toll on everyone and everything, especially our gardens. Cooler conditions are coming along with much needed rain, but in the meantime, it is important to follow a few good tips for watering your gardens to get them through this very stressful time. Prioritize your watering. It isContinue reading “Help for Your Gardens During This Heat Wave”