Getting Ready for Spring!

When the first warm days of this long awaited spring arrive, it will be pure joy to go outside and work in our gardens! With the continuous snow melt and warmer temperatures it will be important to check the status of your plants — gradually uncover the winter debris to reveal emerging growth. The abundant mounds ofContinue reading “Getting Ready for Spring!”

Sure Signs of Spring

Savor the shadows of spring. Welcome her first blooms (tommy crocus). See sunshine in everything (yellow amur adonis). These sure signs of spring mean it’s time to start thinking about your gardens. Spring maintenance plans, enhanced gardening beds, new flowers and shrubs, adding pathways and patios. It’s time to imagine the possibilities!

Winter Care Tips for Plants & People

WINTER CARE TIPS FOR PLANTS Now that the ground has truly frozen, your perennial garden will benefit from a cover of cut evergreen branches, shredded leaves or weedless hay layered to a depth of 2-3″. This winter mulch keeps the plants in a dormant state while helping to keep the soil at a consistent temperature.Continue reading “Winter Care Tips for Plants & People”

The More the Merrier!

Now is the perfect time to plan and plant your spring bulb garden! Regardless of your gardening expertise, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, nothing will feed your soul more than a spectacular display of multicolored, spring bulbs planted en masse. The colors and fragrances emerging in abundance next Spring are somethingContinue reading “The More the Merrier!”

A Concert of Summer Perennials

Stand-alone perennials can be pleasing to look at, but to make a garden sing, it’s the interplay of colors, textures and forms that create grand crescendos! Perennial combinations create visual symphonies, and the pure serendipity can seem wonderful, especially when plants entwine and the colors vibrate and echo each other. But, it takes real planningContinue reading “A Concert of Summer Perennials”

Help for Your Gardens During This Heat Wave

This really hot week has really taken a toll on everyone and everything, especially our gardens. Cooler conditions are coming along with much needed rain, but in the meantime, it is important to follow a few good tips for watering your gardens to get them through this very stressful time. Prioritize your watering. It isContinue reading “Help for Your Gardens During This Heat Wave”