A Summer Abundance of Dahlias

At maturity, dahlias produce and abundance of ready-made cut flowers — the more you cut the more blooms to come.

Dahlias come in a multitude of different colors, forms and sizes making them the perfect addition to your summer garden. Flower forms go from tiny, one-inch pompoms to massive dinner plate sizes, making them a great complement to any garden.

Colors are abundant too, ranging from soft pastels to brilliant hot oranges and reds. Dahlias are prolific growers producing an endless number of flowers right up until a heavy frost.

It is best to plant them in well-drained soil that has been enriched with compost. To maintain a steady stream of cut flowers, stake the larger varieties early in the season. To keep them healthy and vigorous, fertilize them every 2 weeks with a concentrated liquid fish emulsion and seaweed diluted in water.

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